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Around the child's first birthday, they will be introduced to our toddlers department. Little by little your child will be transitioning to one of our four toddler rooms. We feel that having new teachers helps the children greatly with social anxieties. Active is the descriptive word for Toddlers. Ten children are in each room with the two caregivers, and they are moving every minute of our day.

Our staff is here to answer any questions that may arise with your toddler. They are also here to answer your phone calls at any time of the business day. Our staff interaction with parents will always be constant and involved.

Your toddler’s minds are constantly growing and developing. That is why at Heartland Hall our staff will do monthly developmental assessments on your toddler. The assessments are done to help us as well as the parents to see if your toddler is on target. Once the assessments are completed the staff develops a monthly lesson plan to show the goals they will be working on with your child.

Core Concentrations

  • Physical motor skills
  • Circle time
  • Finger plays
  • Creative expressions
  • Literacy and Language development
  • Social and Emotional development
  • Dental hygiene begins
  • Sign Language
  • Logical and Cognitive Development

Physical Development

Physical development is very important at this age as the child begins to move around more efficiently. Many activities each day strengthens gross motor skills using inside and outside equipment. Fine motor skills are beginning to rapidly develop now. The toddlers are learning how to control small muscles in their hands, coordinate hand-eye movement and using tools for beginning drawings and paintings. Even snacks and lunch time are developing these fine motor skills. This is done by food being served on plates, using utensils, and Sippy cups for drinking.

Logical Behavior

Using exciting and fun activities, the child will begin using numbers and counting. Objects around the child will be brought into focus for awareness. Trust in adults will be demonstrated as their own feelings are recognized and appropriately managed.

Social Behavior

The child will be aware of other children and will interact with them. The first social skills will be developed and used. Sharing and respect for others and their rights will be started and developed as their maturity broadens during this year. Conflicts will start and solutions will be found. The child will learn classroom routines and rules that will be introduced during the year. The teacher will be individually interacting with the children to give loving attention and encourage stability and emotional security.

Language Development

All language use between the child and teacher will be using proper English in full sentences. The teacher will begin to introduce questions to the child and even answer the questions. The child will begin to express themselves through words. Daily activities will introduce different sounds, expressions, and speech. Sign language will be continued during the year and help with the child's communication with the teachers and classmates.


Children during this age will share germs all day. The staff is interacting consistently to disinfect toys, tables, and everything the child touches. Hands and faces are washed throughout the day to stop the spread of germs. All children and teachers hands are to be washed before and after presenting foods, wiping noses, coughing, sneezing, outdoor play and before using water tables, and after changing of diapers/ toileting, all children and teachers hands are washed. Dental hygiene begins by brushing teeth every day after lunch.

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