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Carmel private kindergarten Preschool, Daycare at Heartland Hall Child Development Center

Caring Staff & Excellent Preschool Facilities

Carmel Preschool and private kindergarten Heartland Hall Child Development Center Private pre-Kindergarten

While guiding children in reaching their potential, it is important that we understand that each and every child's development is different. All children learn in different ways, and excel in different areas. Our child care staff accepts and respects the differences in every child's development because a child's self-image is vital. Our preschool teachers strive to thoroughly plan activities, while meeting the developmental needs of differing children through early childhood development principles.

The Heartland Hall Family

Heartland Hall Child Development Center encourages all parents to enter into a partnership with us to ensure their child will attain his or her fullest potential. Because of this, families enrolled are an integral part of Heartland Hall and a part of our Heartland Hall family. Our family-like setting is apparent in many important ways, one of which is administration involvement with parents & children. A fundamental cornerstone of our family-like setting is the fact that, rather than being part of a franchise or chain, Heartland Hall is family owned and operated.

Preschool Carmel Indiana Heartland Hall Child Development Center & Private Kindergarten

What Sets Heartland Hall Preschool Apart:

  • Large daycare - 24,000 sq. ft.
  • Library & computers
  • Cafeteria
  • Homelike atmosphere
  • Full gym with 24' ceilings
  • Security system
  • 1 acre outside playground all grass
  • Degreed teachers
  • Academically superior
  • Large enclosed rooms
  • Toddler gym
  • Shaded infant & toddler play lot - all grass

Heartland Hall Classes

  • Piano
  • Tennis
  • STEM Coding with FirstStart ComputerScience
  • Paint It Kids!
  • Karate
  • Yoga

STEM Classes Offered for Pre-k and Kindergarten

Children enrolled in Pre-K and Kindergarten classes at Heartland Hall, can attend the STEM Coding classes we will offer in the Fall. These classes will feature coding projects involving numbers, colors, shapes, patterns and sizes to enhance their understanding of computational, critical and logical thinking skills.

Check out the Infant and Toddler play area. You can see how this wonderful shaded area is perfect for smaller children to play in. The playground equipment and play items are well suited to the needs of these younger children.

Another area to look at is our large indoor gym! This great big indoor space is used for many activities and gives the Heartland Hall Child Development Center Staff great flexibility during poor weather.

Special Events and Field Trips

We have special events like Goodies with Grandparents, Doughnuts with Dad and Muffins with Mom. Our age appropriate field trips are to places like farms, Lucas Oil Stadium and rock wall climbing. Heartland Hall also has special events and presentations for the children like the Silly Safaris Shows with Amazon John.

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Heartland Hall Child Care Carmel Indiana

Tumble Bus!!!

The Tumblebus comes to Heartland Hall. The Tumblebus is a heated/air conditioned bus that is painted bright colors and has been converted into a mobile gymnasium. It is padded and matted up to the windows and there is a safety gate separating the driver’s area. The bus has all kinds of equipment and is set up differently each week depending on the lesson plan. The children pictured are from the Tumblebus web site.